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  5. "Bronnaim duais inniu."

"Bronnaim duais inniu."

Translation:I present a prize today.

December 21, 2014



How can you habitually present a present today?


When you present a present every day?


Right, but then you wouldn't use the word "today," which is talking about a specific instance. To me, it sounds like the sentence should be in the future tense.


My comment was an attempt at humor. Either the future tense or the past tense would work in this sentence, but gach lá would have been a more suitable adverb, given the habitual present tense. (I don’t remember which skill this exercise is found in, but there are a number of skills that are focused on particular tenses, so it might be simpler to change the adverb.)


If, like me, you have difficulty remembering the difference (without peeking) between "present" (a prize) and "receive", it might be useful to know that the word for "present", as in Christmas present, is bronntanas. I learned this from the Irish Christmas vocab exercise on Memrise: http://www.memrise.com/course/490367/irish-christmas-vocab/


Apologies in advance, for some reason i can't access links or any help/suggestions, so these comments (and web searches) are my only sources for assistance -- it sounds, to me, that she pronounces a v sound at the end of inniu... Am i crazy? Is there some rule about this that I've not yet found?


An Mhumhain Abú!


I heard that too, and was confused. I figured that this was another case of the audio being incorrect... glad I checked the comments! Now I know that (for once) she wasn't incorrect and that it was a dialect issue. :-)


Odd that "I give a prize today" which would be a normal way of expressing this in English, isn't accepted


The Irish for "give" is tabhair, not bronn.

  • 1672

Shouldn't I grant/bestow a prize today. be accepted ? Those are translations that are given by the Ó Dónaill FGB



"I got a prize in school today, Mammy!"

"Brilliant! Who was giving the prizes?"


Can bronn also be used to present a person? Such as "I present the bride and groom."

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