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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find Audio-Based Learning

Since the Duolingo commmunity is so nice, I wanted to ask if anyone knows where i can find some audio-based learning for free. I am learning German, and I find I don't have very good listening skills. Thanks in advance ;-)

July 18, 2013



if you don't mind doing drills in the language can get some of the old fsi courses for free http://fsi-language-courses.org


DW.DE (formerly Deutsche Welle) has a wealth of very good material, much of it also available as podcasts through iTunes.


Germanpod101.com has some free audio lessons. You obviously get more with a paid subscription but there seem to be quite a few free lessons on the website - and a bonus is that you can get a free e-book of common german vocab from them (also available in other languages) - free from the kindle store on amazon. Otherwise I agree with the other guys - listening to general German podcasts should get your ear tuned in! Hope that helps!


Pimsleur provides some of the best audio materials for language learning, it's expensive but you can get it through some not so legal methods(but i strongly advise against it ;) ) Other than that I use Youtube to find free audio lessons.

Edit : Btw I found a really cool website that supports many languages called Lyricsgaps.com basically you listen to the songs on the side bar(usually youtube) and feel in the blanks in the generated lyrics sheet at the other side(according to your chosen difficulty). <>


Your public library may have Pimsleur.


I borrowed Pimsleur in Spanish from my public library! Pimsleur is pretty good!


You can find lots of podcasts in German for free. Search http://podster.de/ and iTunes Store (in iTunes store there are tons of really good educational podcasts for any language). A friend of mine recommended Annik Rubens's podcast: http://www.annikrubens.de/

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German courses for every level are available for free on Deutsche Welle - Everything you need from beginners to beyond should be here including interactive and audio materials and a current news service in both video ,written and audio . Heres the link .Good luck. http://www.dw.de/learn-german/s-2469


There is plenty of German audio with text at www.lingq.com . You can still listen and read all you like for free, but the fancier facilities (flashcards, cloze tests, etc.) are now so restricted that to make much use of them one must subscribe for a fee (about $10/month, on up). If you like those fancier bells and whistles, then subscribing is probably worthwhile. If not, just listening and reading is great, and the forums there can be interesting.

They offer materials for plenty of languages besides German: French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, and others.

[added] I don't know how good this is for German, but Polish Radio does have a German section:
http://external.polskieradio.pl/10 (Deutsche Redaktion). The "sister" Russian service is quite good. They also offer English, several Eastern European languages, and Hebrew.


I find that Coffee Break podcasts by Radio Lingua (http://radiolingua.com/) complement duolingo practice pretty well. The main podcasts are free but if you wish you can pay for premium material like lesson notes etc. The Coffee Break German started just this year but there are already 18 lessons available for download. You can download the podcasts from the website http://radiolingua.com/category/shows/coffee-break-german or directly from iTunes.


On Spotify, you can also find some language courses, with the Spotify-App Listen Languages. And Rosetta Stone, but that'll cost you a few bucks.


Itunes podcast has lots of different podcasts that you can download.


I like Michel Thomas, Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone, but they are all quite expensive...



You can use my link (above) to sign up for Verbling. It's another free website (with some paid options). You can watch classes for free when they're scheduled or recorded, and by inviting friends you get credits to join the classes and interact with the teachers.


How about free audio-based learning for American English?


You´re welcome. I hope they´re what you´re looking for.


Thanks, the www.lingq.com looks promising though it's still in the beta phase.

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