"Vi går ofta på teater."

Translation:We often go to the theater.

December 21, 2014

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why is "we often go to theater" not accepted ? how can the translation: "We often go to the theater." be the correct solution and there is no definite form in the sentence.?


I don’t think ”we go to theater” is idiomatic English; English uses a definite article whereas Swedish doesn’t.


Actually the way I learned from Oxford Grammar is that if you go to see a play, you could say "go to theater", while "go to the theater" implies going to the building, but not necessarily for the purpose of seeing a play. Similarly go to (the) school, being in (the) hospital, without the definite article implies going there for their primary purpose, with the article emphasises going to the building or location, may be for some other purpose. I found that this is not a hard rule, especially in the US, but there is a tendency of using one over the other depending on the purpode. But either way, "go to theatre" is idiomatic at least in some English variations (Google search provides many examples).


Googled "go to theatre" to see real world examples and I gotta say, not a whole lot there...


I think this should be a Swedish lesson and they shouldn't punish us because we don't know English grammar. In my opinion "go to theater" should be accpeted too


Its not English grammar. Its clearly an app error, go to theater should have been accepted.


"We often go to the movies" is correct.


Not quite, that would be 'gå på bio', not 'gå på teater'. The difference is that 'teater' refers to a theater in the more classical sense of the term (that is, somewhere you go to see a live performance of some sort such as a play, concert, or comedy routine), whereas 'biograf' is used to refer to what in English is sometimes called a 'movie theater' (as well as 'movie' in the sense that we typically use it in English, often shortened to 'bio' in vernacular speech and the specific fixed phrase 'gå på bio').


Could frequently be substituted for often? In English it's pretty much the same in this kind of context.

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