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  5. "I am reading my book."

"I am reading my book."

Translation:Jeg læser min bog.

December 21, 2014



When to use min and mit


The Tips and Notes state that:

  • "min" is the singular form used with common gender (n-word)
  • "mit" is the singular form used with neuter gender (t-word)
  • "mine" is the plural form used with both common gender and neuter words

The Danish word for "book" is "bog". It is common gender (n-word). The exercise contains the singular form "bog", so you use "min".

Also, because it is a common gender noun, "a" as in "a book" is expressed with "en" and the article "the" is added to the end of the word "bog" using "en".

  • en bog - a book
  • bogen - the book
  • bøger - books
  • bøgerne - the books
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