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having trouble with the coach

hello! i regret having made the option of using the daily coach the instant i did it. for some time now, i cant see my progression line (how advanced i am in my current level) nor how many words i know. it is all concealed by the coach. i've tried and tried to disable it or make it go away but i can't find a way to do it. i've searched online for answers and got nothing. so if you guys know about something that could help me see my progession line and the words i know of each language i'm learning, that'd would help me a lot. thank you for the attention!

December 21, 2014



i finally did it by following these steps https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5323550

thanks for everyone who tried to help!


On the top of your home page, there should be a tab that says 'words'. Also, on your 'home' tab it shows your progression line. Hope I helped. :)


so now i did find the "words" thing but not under the dutch language (which is the one i'm focused on) maybe because it is still beta. but the progression line i still cant find it. are you sure you're not talking about the number of XPs i've earned along the week?



For some accounts, the XPs per language and the amount needed to level up are present in the profile page. You can check and see if you are in the test group. If not, there are some user scripts floating around in the forum that you can use.

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