"Artisten sjunger på scenen."

Translation:The artist is singing on the stage.

December 21, 2014

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Are there any differences between "konstnär" and "artist"?


Artist is a person who performs on stage. Not like the english word.

[swe] Konstnär = [eng] painter

[swe] Artist = [eng] performer/singer


I think for this reason the prefered translation should be "the singer is singing on the stage". As of now "singer" as a translation is marked wrong.


I think a konstnär can also be a comedian or clown or what so ever who also sings but not necessarily a singer


No, a konstnär is always a visual artist, like a painter. It's not a singer, or a clown, comedian, etc.


I'm sorry I mixed up the two words. I wanted to say that an (swe) artist is not necessarily a (eng) singer but can also be another kind of artist so to translate (swe) artist to (eng) singer is wrong because singer is a more narrow term


Ah, yes - that makes sense!


What Marsipangrisen said and also Konstnär can be, for example, a sculptor. It has to do with a person who creates art using a physical medium with a physical result. As opposed to a performance artist, say.


"Artist" only means "performance artist", not "visual artist".


Isn't the stage in definite form in this, so the English translation would be "The artist sings on the stage" rather than "...on stage"?


what would "The artist sings in the scene" be?


I think that would be: i scenen... in the scene!


why is "the stage" wrong? is "the" implied in this case?


"The stage" works for me, though the preferred translation here is arguably incorrect. "Onstage" should be one word, and is definite enough in English that you can generally drop the "the" before it


A quick search finds "on stage" in the Cambridge Dictionary and in popular culture (see e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Stage), so I think we can safely conclude it's correct. I agree that "onstage" might be better. Personally, I prefer "on-stage". :)


Onstage as one word looks decidedly strange to me although there is probably regional variation. I wouldn't be against adding it but I wouldn't go so far as to say the given translation is wrong.


I think that "The singer sings on the stage" should be accepted as not only correct but probably the prefered translation. While it is not uncommon to refer to a singer as an artist, most people would say singer unless they were emphasizing that the singer is a true artist.


But the artist could be any kind of artist. Sure, it's way more likely that it's a singer, but it could just as well be some other kind of artist.


Absolutely but I thought that in Swedish it is understood to be a singer. If it was an artist (english) a Swede would have said konstnär or am I wrong there.


For 'the singer', we would have said sångaren.


I get it now. When I first read it, it seemed plausible that in Swedish a singer was called 'artist' as a direct translation of singer. Odd but I guessed that's what it is ... why not? If you had said snickare or something like that I wouldn't have made that error. But anyway, that's resolved. I am embarassed but at least I got that resolved :) Thanks again.


Don't feel embarrassed - we all make mistakes, and you've been nothing but courteous. :)


The kind of artist who paints is typically a konstnär, but we do have the cover-all artist as well. I mean, there are many other kinds of artists besides painters and singers, right? :)


Sorry for all this, I was getting it wrong without knowing it ... for a long time! Thank you for your patience.

I thought that your use of artist here was an indication that the word 'artist' in Swedish meant specifically a singer. I am wrong...right?

Perhaps I should put it this way: If a Swede said "Artisten sjunger på scenen." Would a listener take it to mean that it is a singer up there on the stage, or equally likely that the person is a painter or sculptor?

thanks again for your patience.


They would obviously assume that the artist a singer, I'm just saying that you should translate "artist" = artist since neither sångare nor konstnär (etc.) is synonymous with artist. :)


Someone who sings on a stage is an artiste (with an e), but this is not accepted.


I mean... in French it is. But this is Swedish, and it's "artist".

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