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Someone else is getting votes for my translation

This seems terribly juvenile, but someone new to Duolingo reverted to my translation (without clicking on it) and has received 11 upvotes while I have only one. It is possible these votes were all from those with lower translation scores than I have, but I rather doubt it. The sentence in question is the first sentence in the article "Cats." Is this the way Duolingo is supposed to work?

December 21, 2014



I just checked that sentence. It appears that the person made changes to your sentence and received upvotes. If someone else changes it and receives upvotes then it's his/hers upvotes, not yours. Also even though the got 11 upvotes, there is a 1 upvote that counts to your progress for every 5 words. So if I translate a 5 word sentence and get 2(or more) upvotes, only 1 upvote would count for my progress.


Pixelized--you are so kind to reply. This person wrote the 6th version of the sentence, and it was exactly the same as mine (which was posted as the 2nd version). I just re-checked to be sure. I was having a grumpy day anyway, I suppose. Still, I think there should be an algorithm to revert to the earlier posted version when they are the same, word for word. Thanks for taking the time to look.


The same thing has happened to me. Mind you the whole article has turned into a "cat" fight - I don't think I've ever seen anything quite so bad on Duolingo.


Thanks, SussexSoleil, for letting me know you have had the same experience. I have decided to just let it go.....

I am fairly new to this scene and am rather appalled at the number of Cats iterations. I am not sure why we are doing all this translating for free, anyway. You, at least, should be getting paid for your efforts, while a number of my sentences are rather inelegant.

Since the site doesn't charge a fee, I felt as though I should help out by doing a bit of translating, but I am thinking my time might be better spent hanging out with my French speaking copains.


Just do the translations to learn. This is my main practice to keep my French alive.

I don't get too excited when my translations get hacked about, because I am already on tier 6. So, the chances of someone on tier 6 or above up-voting mine are pretty slim anyway.

It just makes me cross when they don't read the comments first.



You are such a grownup.

I have on occasion wondered how one could possibly attain those higher translation tiers. Since you have so few peers, most of our votes aren't counted and thus cannot help you advance. So it's a good thing this is of little import to you!

I think I could probably improve my French by simply reading the articles. Translating, which I had never done, is truly an art. Yet I persevere.


I too have the suspicion that my language learning is better served by simply reading. That is, I think I'd get more value by returning to one of the stories I'm reading in my target language, than by doing DuoLingo immersion in it. But I do the immersion anyway because I was drawn into the gaming aspect of it.


I too have had people change my translations (sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly) and I always try to come to some agreement with them about the "final" version .... we can never be sure it's the genuine final version because someone else may come along later and change it again. If I am only changing a word or two, say for example, a typing error or, a word missed out, I ALWAYS upvote the first version (you need to do this before making changes, as it won't work once you've made your amendment) and tick to share the credit. I NEVER downvote anyone unless they are being deliberately offensive and then the downvote is for trolling, not translation.

Like Sussex Soleil, I also try to explain my reasons for translating in a particular way, or for making changes and it is annoying when people don't bother to read them but there will always be people like that so, it's best to ignore them .... after all, why give yourself high blood pressure because of someone else's carelessness or stupidity .... they're not worth it !

I have to say, I am not too concerned about increasing my translation tier level, as this only reflects work done here and not all of that, rather than your genuine level which may be completely different. After all, even if you were a professional, qualified, translator you would still start from zero ... I translate because I like the practice and if it all gets too childish or petty I just walk away from it, it's not worth fighting over with the type of person who is just looking for votes.


Thanks for writing, Cartagena21. What I was grumbling about was the following: User 1 translates a sentence, which is then edited by User 2, and then changed back to the original by User 3. User 3 then receives credit for the same translation penned earlier by User 1. Apparently, this happens all the time..... Presumably, User 3 doesn't check the previous versions first to see whether he/she prefers an earlier version to the current version.

Like you, I very rarely down vote anyone and always share credit with the earlier translator.

When someone changes my translation, I vote it up when I think it is an improvement---and try very, very hard to let others change it when I think it does not improve upon my version (I am still working on this one). Of course, we are doing these translations to learn (or re-learn) a language. I know all this is wonderful for my brain. I do wish people would read all the versions of a sentence before editing.


Thank you for your reply also Hermione1110. I take your point entirely about people not reading the previous translations or comments but to be honest I'm not sure there's any answer to the problem. Like you I have seen this happen time and time again but I think that the only thing we can do is to either walk away and just accept that it happens or try reporting it to the moderators, giving them the details and hoping that they can sort it out.

The only other thing which I suppose we could all consider, is that if we notice that this has happened to someone else, we can re-instate their original and upvote it. The trouble is that being made aware of someone else's situation is a bit hit and miss, as we only get notified of changes to something we have had a hand in at some point.

This is a difficult one to tackle but we live in hope.

Happy New Year ! :-)


I tend to translate again instead of reverting because that allows me to add an explanatory comment. Some other users (such as Cartagena21) have convinced me of the utility and nicety of including comments -- plus I think they can help foster better feelings in the translator whose work was just amended. I do wish that we were allowed to revert with comments.

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