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Daily Streak: Mobile and PC

I'm learning 3 languages right now and I usually use my mobile which makes me have to go to each different language to reach a certain XP mark. On the PC however, I noticed that you can practice all your languages and it all goes towards the same XP goal. So my question is, will there be an update on the mobile where that comes into play?

December 21, 2014

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This is a great post, because the differences between the desktop and the portable apps is very confusing, especially where the coach is concerned. My main concern is my streak which I am trying to protect as it impells me to practice every day and I don't really care if it is for 1XP or 100 XP.

My desktop coach is set, for 1XP, and I think that is the one which is used to maintain my Streak. But I am not 100% sure because one of my languages has been set to 10XP per day on my app while my other languages have no Coach setting so they are on the basic 1XP.

Please Duo, end this confusion as soon as possible.

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