"Jag äter en måltid."

Translation:I eat a meal.

December 21, 2014



I guess the literal translation for "måltid" is "mealtime". We have the very same in German "Mahlzeit".

May 30, 2018


Yes, in the past we said "det är tid för ett mål mat" (it's time for a meal food), which later turned into "måltid" (meal time) as the word both for the meal itself and for the food time itself. Nowadays "måltid" usually indicates the food rather than the time, and we've added the word "måltidsdags" (litterally meal time time :-) ) to indicate meal time.

July 10, 2018


"maaltjid" in dutch

October 15, 2018


Maaltijd in the Netherlands.

October 16, 2018


Yes, in Dutch we call it "Maaltijd", it's literally just the words, "meal + time". Cool that these languages are so alike!

December 21, 2018


I was told this was incorrect. I typed "I ate a meal" and it said the correct answer was "I have a meal".

December 21, 2014


Yes, ate is the past tense, which would be åt in Swedish.
äter is present tense, so either eat or am eating are fine here.

December 21, 2014


I translated it as: "I eat a food." but I don't know why is it wrong...

June 18, 2015


Food translates as 'mat' while meal translates to 'måltid'. That's why it's wrong. Hope this helps!

June 22, 2015


The word "food" is uncountable in this sentence. You just eat food in general, so you can't use an indefinite article here.

May 30, 2018


Is there any difference between en måltid and måltid?

August 9, 2015


As far as I know, "en måltid" is "a meal", while "måltid" is "meal" (as is)...

January 17, 2016


"en måltid" means "a meal"; and "måltid" means "meal" in general. Putting it into practice it is like that: 1) What is he eating? - a meal. 2) He is sitting down for meal; meals (plural) are tasty... etc. 3) The 3rd one on the list would be "måltiden" - the meal. She enjoys the meal. (comes soon in the course)

June 24, 2017
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