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  5. "Jag äter en måltid."

"Jag äter en måltid."

Translation:I eat a meal.

December 21, 2014



I guess the literal translation for "måltid" is "mealtime". We have the very same in German "Mahlzeit".


Yes, in the past we said "det är tid för ett mål mat" (it's time for a meal food), which later turned into "måltid" (meal time) as the word both for the meal itself and for the food time itself. Nowadays "måltid" usually indicates the food rather than the time, and we've added the word "måltidsdags" (litterally meal time time :-) ) to indicate meal time.


Maaltijd in the Netherlands.


"maaltjid" in dutch


Yes, in Dutch we call it "Maaltijd", it's literally just the words, "meal + time". Cool that these languages are so alike!


Why does the lady say:"jag äter måltid " and you have to say...."en måltid"????


I was told this was incorrect. I typed "I ate a meal" and it said the correct answer was "I have a meal".


Yes, ate is the past tense, which would be åt in Swedish.
äter is present tense, so either eat or am eating are fine here.


Is there any difference between en måltid and måltid?


As far as I know, "en måltid" is "a meal", while "måltid" is "meal" (as is)...


"en måltid" means "a meal"; and "måltid" means "meal" in general. Putting it into practice it is like that: 1) What is he eating? - a meal. 2) He is sitting down for meal; meals (plural) are tasty... etc. 3) The 3rd one on the list would be "måltiden" - the meal. She enjoys the meal. (comes soon in the course)


can someone please briefly explain to me how to conjugate verbs in swedish? according to duolingo, i can write "i am eating a meal" and "i eat a meal" and still get it correct. thank you so much


Swedish doesn't make a difference between "I eat" and "I am eating". That goes for all verbs - we don't have the continuous/progressive in that way. We also do not change the verb for person, meaning that äter is used for you, me, us, him/her, etc.

We do change the verb for tenses, of course. You'll encounter that later in the course. :)


thank you so much for the reply! this helps me tremendously

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