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"De aankomst is op dezelfde dag."

Translation:The arrival is on the same day.

December 21, 2014



I wish online delivery could do this :I


My boyfriend in the Netherlands often orders things online at like 11pm and they'll arrive next morning. Crazy. @-@

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Should this be "hetzelfde"?


Nope, that is for het woorden, e.g.:

  • op dezelfde dag
  • op hetzelfde moment

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Heel hartelijk bedankt. ik begrijp nu


AT the same day. Is that wrong? I read that it is wrong according to cambridge English, but 118 million hits does tell me that is is used in the english language. https://www.google.nl/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1GGGE_nlNL518NL518&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=%22at%20the%20same%20day%22 http://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/at-on-and-in-time


Sorry, "on the same day" sounds much better.


Hi Freek,

I checked your links and I noticed that many of those hits are 'false hits' (showing results with just same day) and that others are either questions that learners of English posted regarding the use of at together with the same day, or posts/articles/whatever written by non-natives (which would explain the mistake).

Rest assured that what you found on the website of Cambridge Dictionaries is correct. What's more: I've never heard anyone say at the same day -unless they were learners of English, that is.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, somehow "at the same day" is stuck in my head. It is a serious probem that a lot of non-native speakers are changing the english language. :) It is not only that we, the dutch, are under the english language influence, but it is also the other way round that the english language is changed by the people speaking english. I am speaking english the whole day, with people from India, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland and Holland.


You're most welcome.

Well, to tell you the truth, English is not my native language either, but I am a teacher of English (currently studying at a hogeschool to get my diploma, here in my country it takes just as long as to get an MA, since we have advanced grammar, phonetics, History and Geography of the UK and the US, and a whole bunch of other subjects). And as my partner is Flemish and doesn't speak my language, we speak all the time in English (and I do so at the school where I study as well, we're required to do so, as most courses are in English anyway).


OK, i see that you are doing both the Dutch and the English courses. Duolingo is a very nice tool to learn those languages. Additionally i do these daily tests: https://www.nubeterengels.nl/website/index.php?pag=1 and https://www.beterspellen.nl/website/index.php?pag=1 Before you do these without any errors you will probably have finished your Hogeschool. I am actually doing Duolingo to learn German. It works for me. When i was unemployed i did it everyday almost fulltime. 300-400 points a day with a record of 650 points a day.


I actually do the English course to strengthen my Dutch :) -so obviously, Dutch is not my native language either ;)

Thanks for the links anyway, I just tried the first one and I learnt a new word: querulous (I had never heard it before).

One of the websites that I recommend to my FCE students is http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/

And of course, you can find interesting resources and explanations on the following websites: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/ http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/listening-skills-practice

Duo is a nice tool, I always advice my secondary school students to give it a try (they are absolute beginners) and I tell them that, if you complement it with other resources, you can get to a decent level of your target language (in their case, it's be English, of course), but that perseverance is key.

At least, that's my experience with Dutch: I can watch the news, for instance, and I get most of it (unless they interview someone, then it's harder to understand because of all the different accents) -or I can also communicate well enough in areas related to things I know... at least my message gets accross! :) I also used to do a lot of points during my first six weeks using Duo, but that was because I was having my summer break -since I went back to work, I only do like 10 or 20 points per day.

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