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  5. "Han drikker drengens vand."

"Han drikker drengens vand."

Translation:He drinks the boy's water.

December 21, 2014



Poor children, they get everything stolen from them :(


I find it sad that the world must think so negatively. There are so many other, positive situations in which the boy offers the parched man his own water, or in which the boy's water had special vitamins which would give the man great energy to go out and save the world, so he sacrificed his lovely vitamin water to save everyone and make everyone so happy, when instead he could have gotten infinite happiness!

But no, kindness has a corner in our hearts, while negativity is in the spotlight.


It's that viking blood. I have water, you have water, I have more water now. I have a bag of gold, you have a bag of gold, now I have 2 bags of gold.


he is drinking the water of the boy


I hope not, remember to stay hydrated kids


Drengen is the boy (specific boy).

Drengens with s is the boy's (specific boy possessive).


I just hope the boy said he could...


how do you know when han is he or she?


Han is he. Hun is she.


So that's why the boy was risking his life drinking the bears beer.

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