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Duo goes to Norway! // Duo drar til Norge !

Norwegian belongs to the northern branch of Germanic languages along with Swedish and Danish! As it's Christmas Duo decided to go on holiday to one of the most amazing Scandinavian countries - to be exact, NORWAY!

Firstly, he headed to the capital of Norway, Oslo, which is the largest city in Norway, with a population of roughly 625,000 people! Whilst there, Duo looked around the city. He visited the many attractions but spent most of the time finishing his Christmas shopping.

Then to finish the day, Duo decided to fly around Norway's second largest city by area and population... Bergen is home to around 275,800 people and it is a very historical place in Norwegian history due to the Battle of Bergen in 1181 and a cultural centre from world war 2 'Bryggen' became a world heritage UNESCO site since 1979!

The next day, the owl visited a more natural site, Rjukanfossen. Rjukanfossen is a waterfall that is 104 metres tall. It is located in the western part of the Westfjord valley in Tinn which is a municipality in the county of Telemark. The waterfall is a part of the Måne river, which is a major tourist attraction, being one of the first floodlighted waterfalls and having electricity produced by the same waterfall.

Then to finish off the day, Duo took a trip to Nidaros Cathedral. The Cathedral is a Church of Norway cathedral and is located in the city of Trondheim in Sør-Trøndelag county. It was built over the burial site of Saint Olaf, the king of Norway in the 11th century, who became the patron saint of the nation. It is the traditional location for the consecration of the King of Norway. It is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world!

Duo is still there at this moment and will return at the New Year when the Norwegian for English speakers course will hopefully start and graduate from Beta as soon as possible!

Duolingo please add Norwegian soon! God jul og godt nytt år!

Inspired by this post by StrapsOption :)

December 21, 2014



My favourite part of Norway has to be the landscape. See what I mean?


See more in this epic video - here


I speak, read, and write fluent Norwegian. To eliminate all of the confusion here (re: the different dialects, etc.) just sign up for the BOKMÅL version, and you will learn how to speak (and read) the main dialect spoken in Oslo = OSLODIALEKT !!! Simple as that !!! :-)


I might cry when Duo gets around to adding Norwegian.

So I say bring on the tears!


We want Norwegian! We want Norwegian!
(I said that twice because I'd prefer to have both nynorsk and bokmål)


But bokmål would be better :)

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NO you definitely would not want to learn both :#


No I wouldn't – actually I think if Duo had to choose one, they should probably go for bokmål, but I personally prefer nynorsk, so I think they should have both to make everybody happy :)

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If you can read Bokmål, you can probably read Nynorsk. And since nobody actually speaks Nynorsk and it's only frequently used by less than 20 % of the population, what would be the point?

But if it makes you happy, why not :)


I have applied, fordi norsk er mitt morsmål!


Velkommen til Norge, Duo! :)

I'll be sure to wave at you the next time I pass Nidarosdomen, and perhaps I'll even get the chance to contribute to the Norwegian course soon.

We'd say "Duo drar til Norge", by the way. "Duo reiser(travels) til Norge" works as well. Går in this context would imply that Duo actually walked all the way here. Which he might have, of course - but I'm betting he flew. ;)


Have you already applied? :o


I thought I'd better finish at least one tree before I applied, so not yet. I plan to though! :)


Yay!! I bet you'll do an amazing job. :) Hurry and finish those last 2 skills! (Or is it 1?) Anyways thank you so much Linn! I hope that I'll be speaking some Norwegian on here eventually. ;)


Aww, you flatter me! I could almost forgive you for that catless tree. Two skills left, so hoping to finish tonight! :D


Aw, you can't stay mad at me forever! ;) That wasn't my fault though. It was my laptop's for saying that it can't open that type of file. ;P


Excuses, excuses...


Thanks for the corrections! :)


You're welcome. I love your post! :)


Since this seems like a good place to add in a fun fact about Norway, I'll do it now. Bergen is like the Seattle of Europe. It rarely gets super cold (as of posting its 46 degrees Fahrenheit, warmer than a lot of the US right now) and it rains. A lot. On average it gets 90 inches of precipitation per year, most of it being rain. Seattle gets 47. So it rains about twice as much there as in Seattle. One time, it rained at some point during the day for 85 straight days. Just a little fun fact I'd thought I'd share with you.


I L-O-V-E Norwegian! ^_^ I hope Duolingo makes this course soon! :D


Tusen takk! Jeg elsker norsk og Duolingo også. Lykke til med prosessen


Fantastisk! Beautiful country. That's amazing, about the waterfall generating electricity. I'm waiting for this one too!


In the spirit of Norway love, check out this amazing Norwegian comedy show called Dag. With English subtitles! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHWfR0SppUo


Wow, Bergen looks amazing! Can't wait to see Norwegian as a course. I want to do one of these "Duo goes to _" stories so much, but English is already a course on here. :P


Awww, Duo, you should have invited me to come along!
I would like to visit the Fram Museum in Oslo - Fram was the ship used by Fridtjof Nansen in his attempt to reach the North Pole, and by Roald Amundsen when he reached the South Pole. It's said to have sailed farther north and farther south than any other wooden ship.


Awww, thank you for sharing your travels, Duo! It will be wonderful when Norwegian is available here.


That was sooo funny! But he should have put on his jacket there!


Welcome to Norway Duolingo! Jeg ønsker deg lykke til med det norske språket!


It would be wonderful if Duolingo added Norwegian to the course offerings! :-)


Just a question, which Norwegian is more commonly spoken? Bokmål or Nynorsk? I really need to know.


Technically, no one speaks Bokmål or Nynorsk (e.g. I speak in Kristiansandsdialekta which leans heavily towards Nynorsk in conjugation and such, but I use bokmål when writing). They are only written forms derived from Danish and western Norwegian dialects respectively. Bokmål is used by 85% - 90% of the population.


excuse my ignorance. So those are just written forms and Norwegian is the spoken actual language?


Yes (I'm not sure if I quite understood your question). There are a lot of noticeably different dialects in Norway. You'll notice that some common words are pronounced different than their written form. For instance, the word hva (what) is pronounced as å in the most southern region, while it's pronounced as in the south west (Jæren) and va in Oslo. Us Norwegians have a solid understanding of all the dialects though. In this course you'll probably learn how to speak as close as possible to Bokmål. Bokmål can't be wrong.


Oh ok. My question was "Since they have 2 languages for writing, what do they speak?" but I get what you're saying.


Ok yes. We mainly speak in our own dialect. The closest you'll get to bokmål is in Oslo. There are some people who strictly speak nynorsk, but only because they commited themselves to it.

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Those are not spoken languages. Bokmål is a written language which resembles Old Danish and the Eastern Norwegian dialect, while Nynorsk is a mixture of different dialects from the Southern, Eastern and Western (and to a lesser degree, Northern) part of Norway. Nynorsk would be closer to a Western Norwegian dialect, but again: these are both written, not spoken, languages. Most dialects in Norway are still pretty far (relatively) from both Nynorsk and Bokmål.

Understanding one of the two would also let you understand the other, as most of the words are written exactly (or almost) the same. The only difference is the way you decline and conjugate nouns and verbs. For instance the word for school is "en skole-skolen-skoler-skolene" in Bokmål and "ein skule-skulen-skular-skulane" in nynorsk.


Great post, we can only hope Norwegian is just around the corner


Eagerly looking forward to Norwegian being available!


I am looking forward to it. Norwegian is the language of my father, Aunts and Uncles but I only got to learn a few words. Nils


4 months since this post and the Norwegian course is finished :O


Watch out for Frank Tagliano.


After I become a bit more familiar with Danish, I would love to try Norwegian! Let me know where and when I can sign up!

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