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"Gli idraulici sono ancora qui?"

Translation:Are the plumbers still here?

July 18, 2013



Ancora can also mean "yet" so could this also meat "Are the plumbers here yet?


Wouldn't that mean "Are they already here?", so "già" unstead of "ancora"? Are you a native speaker?


No, that would be, “Gli idraulici sono già qui?”


yet and still are different. we use still when something is same as before , yet means until now , we do not use yet in positive sentences. according to basic grammar in use edition 2 , unit 96 I think, It's better to say "have the plumbers left yet?" I'm not native English or Italian speaker


I wouldn't understand how, in conversation, you'd differentiate whether the plumbers were still here or here again.


In English there's a difference between "Are the plumbers still here?" and "The plumbers are still here?" where the second is expressing some suprise that they ARE still here. How do you differentiate in italian?


I think a lot of that burden would be carried by the tone of voice. It's not always what you say, but how you say it.


Well since it is a question, you can translate it to "Are the plumbers still here" and it should be accepted.


I would have to guess it rely on the placement of the word ancora and voiced emphasis.


Here we have another good example to prove that “qui“ and “qua“ are not interchangeable, because the same plumbers are either here (quì) OR elsewhere (quà).


Shouldn't it be sono gli idraulico for that translation


How would you write Are the plumbers here yet?

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