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  5. "We are reading the book."

"We are reading the book."

Translation:Tá an leabhar á léamh againn.

December 21, 2014



Would this be interchangeable with "Táimid ag léamh an leabhair?"


No. In fact, this translation is incorrect. Tá(imid) muid ag léamh an leabhair is how you say "We are reading the book." This translation is a passive sentence, and basically means "The book is being read by us" (lit. the book is at its reading at/by us). Sadly there are many passive/active messups in this course.




So are you saying that "Tá an leabhar á léamh againn" is wrong and "Táimid ag léamh an leabhar" is correct. If it's wrong why cannot it not be corrected?


Yes, I am. Tá muid ag léamh an leabhair (genitive!) is the right way to say'We are reading the book'.

The sentence above is a passive sentence in Irish. As to why, I do not know.


Hmm. The way the exercise was presented to me was: "Write this in Irish - We are reading the book". I actually put 'Tá muid ag léamh an leabhair', but it was marked incorrect. The correct solution, according to Duolingo, was 'Tá an leabhar á léamh againn'... I'm really confused now, which is it?


That direct translation (the book is being read by us) makes MUCH more sense to me, and it helps a lot! GRMA!


6 years later, it's still wrong!!!!


I’m confused why this must be “Tá an leabhar á léamh againn.” when “I am reading the historical newspaper” can use the “Táim ag léamh…” construction.


Why is this not "The book is being read by us."?


Can we say "Léighimid an leabhar"?


I believe that would be “We read the book.”


Would "We have a book to read" be a good translation? It conveys the active/passive ambiguity in Irish and English.


No. This is a straightforward "passive with agent" sentence "the book is being read by us". A "passive with agent" sentence can be expressed in the active voice by making the agent the subject of the verb: "we are reading the book".

"We have a book to read" is tá leabhar le léamh againn

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