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  5. "The horse has vegetables."

"The horse has vegetables."

Translation:Tá glasraí ag an gcapall.

December 21, 2014



The in app translater said that horse is capall, yet me anwser has a typo because its chapall. I'm confused...What is it?


It's because of the preposition + singula definite article. It causes eclipses in Connacht and Munster, and lenites in Ulster.


Why is it eclipsis in one dialect and lenition in another?


See the “After preposition + article, either eclipsis or lenition can occur, depending on the dialect. Why?” paragraph in the “eclipsis and n-prefix” section of this Gramadach na Gaeilge page for the explanation.


So basically it is mixing the different Irish dialects together. How is this supposed to aid our learning?


For better or worse, Irish has dialects. The course is designed to teach "standard Irish", but a decision was made to be welcoming to those who had already learned Irish from one or other of the dialects, and to accept those variations as correct answers.

Unfortunately, Duolingo doesn't have any direct support for dialects, so in cases where you have "Mark All Correct" type questions, Duolingo expects learners to select the dialect forms that are correct in different dialects.

The simplest solution would be for Duolingo to do away with "Mark All Correct" type questions.


Why add 'g'?Why not just capall?


After certain simple prepositions (ag, ar, as, chuig, faoi, leis, ó, roimh, thar, trí and um) and the singular definite article an, you eclipse the following noun. ag an gcapall, ar an mballa, leis an bhfear, etc.

In Ulster Irish, you lenite rather than eclipsing in this case.

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