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"Táim in ann an leabhar a thuiscint."

Translation:I can understand the book.

December 21, 2014



Are there any differences between "is féidir liom" and "táim in ann?"


In ann is best translated as “able”, so this sentence could also be translated as “I’m able to understand the book”. The difference between them is the same as the difference between “I can” (literally “It’s possible for me”) and “I’m able” — i.e. not much, if any.


I am starting to think to much in irish....got the words right, just not in the right order! - "I can the book understand"


We've learned three ways to say "I am able" or "I can"

Táim in ann.... Táim ábalta.... and Is féidir liom....

Is one way more common or preferred? Or are all used interchangeably?

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While there is overlap, they aren't interchangeable.


would the sentence "Táim in ann ag tuiscint an leabhair" be equivalent and if not : any reason why ?

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It would not. Ag tuiscint is the Present progressive "understanding" and it makes no sense after in ann.

Táim ag tuiscint an leabhair - "I am understanding the book" (inelegant, but grammatically feasible).

Note leabhair, the genitive singular after the progressive, not the nominative plural.

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