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"Strengthen skills" only tests first five lessons?

When visiting the practice/strengthen skills page (https://www.duolingo.com/practice), only the first five lessons have been, and are, tested. Is this deliberate? Is there a way I can test all previously finished lessons?

December 22, 2014



The strengthen skills works by spaced repetition and so it's less likely to give you your more recent skills because it knows you've seen them more recently. But because the algorithm doesn't actually look at the words you've seen recently, this can get really funky: I see "flickan" and "pojken" in nearly every lesson but they still show up on strengthen skills frequently because that unit was a long time ago.

So when I really want to practice specific weak spots, I go to those lessons specifically. It does take more time, but practicing more isn't a bad thing unless you're crunched for time.

As you progress up the tree, you may find that the strengthen skills is more and more useful: in Spanish, I almost always get something that really deserves my full review.


That doesn't explain the behaviour I was getting, and probably the OP as well. Other skills were actually ungoldening yet I was still getting the exact same early questions in Strengthen Skills.


Oh, I see what you're saying now. Yeah, that does seem more extreme than what I've seen, though it took until today for a skill of mine to ungold. (I do a lot of review.) I did two strengthenings and got words from the first few skills including the one that was weak, but not enough of the weakened skill to gild it again.

I've read from some really in-depth explanations that this might be the result of poor naming choice: in order to actually regild your skills, you need to practice specific words, but the strengthening algorithm doesn't look at words. However, that doesn't explain why you're several rows down the tree and still only ever getting words from the first skills.


I experience this the same. Ive just ran some testpractises and I never get questions there that come from below clothes, although Im much farther down the tree.


I have a similar problem in Irish. If you go searching through the forums (hard as it is) it seems to have been a bug that has been being reported for at least a year.


I think it may have to do with the fact that all the skills I have attempted thus far are at full strength. Still, shouldn't that mean that all skills have an equal chance of being tested?


Remember, both are beta courses and sometimes Danish will have this problem as well.


Well, I just got a phrase from a later lesson at last ("a shoe" - "en sko", by picture), but that was the only one.


Many have raised this issue - it seems to be across the board. I've tried everything to get it to give me different/broader range of words, nothing seems to work. Occasionally I get a random word outside of the basics. It's frustrating - because it's such a potentially useful tool for revision.

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