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" idir an Meiriceánach agus an Éireannach."

Translation:It is between the American and the Irish person.

December 22, 2014



It looks like a reportable error to me.


He is both American and Irish not a valid answer?


There are a couple of reasons why that's not a valid answer.

The first is that it is a copular statement in Irish - you say Is Meiriceánach mé, not Tá mé Méiriceánach. While Méiriceánach can be both a noun and an adjective, and "I'm American" and "I'm an American" are both valid in English, Tá mé Meiriceánach is not used in Irish.

The second problem is that idir can mean either "between" or both, but the "both" meaning causes lenition.

Is idir Mheiricéánach agus Éireannach é.


Sé could be he as well as it.


Did it reject the use of “he” in your translation?


Why was i marked wrong for saying he?


I'd report that if you get the chance.

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