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  5. "Bröderna äter bröd."

"Bröderna äter bröd."

Translation:The brothers eat bread.

December 22, 2014



For anyone who isn't a native speaker, it first looks like "the brothers eat brother" hahahahah sorry


To me it looked like "The breads eat bread" :')


I know right!!!


Hahahahaha It was my first thought


yeah, but I wrote the thing that was asked to write but little duo marked it wrong


To paraphrase a moderator from the Czech course: You have to tell us the complete sentence you wrote, or otherwise, no-one can help you. And if you think that you should have been accepted because you typed in exactly what was expected of you on behalf of Duo, hit the flag button in the lower right corner (on the red screen that pops up when you log in your answer) and report that your answer should have been accepted. But if you don't tell us your exact answer, no-one can tell what you did wrong or if it was a bug.


That could just as well have been written by any contrib/mod on any course, I think. :)


I know, but I read it so often in that course that I eventually began to associate those phrases with one particular moderator over there. :D


The breads eat the brother ! What a good horror film !


'The Bröds', by Alfred Hitchcock!


I would stick with the accurate Swedish expression, “Bröd”. It would have a ring comparable to his original masterpiece, “Fåglarna”.


I tried 'the brethren eat bread' and DUO accepted it. Respect!


I am native Swedish and come here to be better at English. I accidently wrote bothers, didn't notice I forgot 'r' and I got a suggestion to use brethren that I never heard of before. Thank you DL!


You probably need an English course to know English better but I hope that you would like to help people here in the comments to learn Swedish. The comment section lacks of answers and it's sad. I don't know why people are not interested in learning Swedish and so few people want to help each other here


As I have experienced it people help a lot in the Swedish course. In the Russian course I'm also taking, it takes way longer to get an answer and there are way more unanswered questions. Here, when I want to know something, it's mostly already answered.


Whats the plural of bröd anyways? Brödarta? Bröderta? Just imagine mistakingly saying "Bröderta äter bröderna."


The plural of bröd is -drumroll- bröd. It’s a neuter word like barn. The suffix -ta is no Swedish suffix. :)


So if it wasnt irregular it would be the same plural?


Just for clarification:

  • brother: bror - brodern - bröder - bröderna (irregular)
  • bread: bröd - brödet - bröd - bröden (normal neuter)


Perfect. "Brodern" is very useful grammar, it's the first time I get to know it. Tack.


Is there something like a paradigm which all neuter and/or irregular nouns follow when it comes to their determination and plural construction? I just am not sure if I understand you correctly in this comparison of “bror” and “bröd”.


I read somewhere that ett words in indefinite singular always stays the same as in indefinite plural. Can you confirm that?


No, this is only the rule for neuter (or t-words) ending with a consonant, such as "bröd", "barn" and "hus".

If a t-word ends with a vowel you usually add an "-n"; "Äpple" - "Äpplen" etc


Totally unrelated to the topic but... WOW! 21 langugages (Am not even sure if I got it right. I lost count twice and I just gave up)? How do you manage these many?! Awesome


Even for this restricted rule there are exceptions. Ex. 'ett museum' - 'två museer'.


You rigged my curiosity now, what language is the ending -ta from?


Dont remember my train of thought there


-ta is the suffix of 3rd person singular past tense of certain verbs that have an object in Hungarian :)


Is not brothers eat bread? 'The' means that something is either unique or exclusive but brothers don t look like that.


No, because "brothers" = "bröder" and "the brothers" = "bröderna". "Bröderna äter bröd" = "The brothers eat bread".


How would you say "the breads" then?


man you and the other guy carry duolingo swedish, withouth you 2 there would be so many unanswered questions, on behalf of everyone else, i love you guys


Thank you, that's very kind of you. :)


This sounds so cannibalistic.


It should be brothers are eating the bread


You're missing the definite article: "the brothers are eating the bread."


It sounds like the bread is eating the bread. Because "'bröd'erna äter 'bröd'" use the same 4 letters.

Instead of English you usually say "The 'brother's are eating 'bread'", so you see the difference between bread and brother in English. And yes I know the swedish singular word is just bror and broden is the brother.

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