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  5. "Make a good coffee!"

"Make a good coffee!"

Translation:Fa' un buon caffè!

July 18, 2013



Second person singular imperative of fare (as I have seen it in many Italian grammar resources) is fai or fà (grave accented). So "Fai un buon caffè" (my "incorrect" answer) or "Fà un buon caffè" should both be acceptable.


I think it's "fai" or "fa' " and not "fà" (with apostrophe, not accent) where the apostrophe takes the place of the "i" in "fai".


I did fa and it was refused dk why


"Fai un buon caffè" is now accepted. And no science without coffee, that's why it's in the science section...


According to this: http://italian.about.com/library/verb/blverb_fare.htm The imperative 'tu' forms of fare are: fa, fai, and fa'

Fai and fa should both also be accepted.


I will refer you to McGraw Hill's "Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Verb Tenses", Paola Nanni-Tatte, pg. 48 (2006). In some texts, you will see it printed fa' as an indication that you REALLY stress the word when you say it. In reality, I think the 2nd person singular imperative can be fai, fà or fa'.


Thanks. I am Italian native speaker and at school I learned " fa' " for the imperative, and I've seen "fà" sometimes for the 2nd person pres indicative (but I never use the accent, to be honest). Here is what the enciclopedia Treccani says http://www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/fa-o-fa-fa_(La_grammatica_italiana)/ If you are interested, I can look into what the Accademia della Crusca (the maximum authority on the Italian language) says and report back here.


I understand your explanation, but I would like to know that: can I interpret that sentence as an exclamation? "Fa un buon caffee!" without accent or apostrophe? Thanks!


I'm confused. I wrote "fa un buon caffé" and it marked me wrong and told me "you used the command form 'fa' not the tu form 'fai'"... but this section is Imperatives, and an imperative is a command... so why am I wrong?! Thanks! :)


It refuses "fa"


Penso che ho trovato un'amica nuova... Grazie per la lezione nell'italiano!!! Ho il dizionario Garzanti per iPad e anche contiene fa' per l'imperativo seconda persona singolare. Grazie anche per il link a Treccani.it... Se Lei ha un link per l'Accademia della Crusca, mi lo piacerebbe moltissimo... Grazie di nuovo...


Here you go: http://www.accademiadellacrusca.it/it/lingua-italiana/consulenza-linguistica/domande-risposte/guida-alluso-accenti-apostrofi-nellitaliano 3rd paragraph, line 10. Here it says that fai is contracted as "fa' " but it is not universally accepted, therefore one can simply use "fa" without anything. I didn't know that, I guess I am learning new things too :)

By the way, I hope my comments weren't annoying: studio francese e mi piace quando i "native speakers" commentano, quindi cerco di fare la stessa cosa nel forum italiano. :)


Faccia is accepted. What's the difference between this and fa'?


faccia is the polite form


"" Fate un caffè buon "" should work...


Any different between bravo, bene, buono, and bello?


What's with this "faccia" as in "non faccia tardi"?

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