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Dutch Spongebob!

If you like Spongebob, you can watch recent episodes here: http://www.spongebob.nl/

Just thought I'd let you Dutch learners know, in case you might find that a fun way to practice listening! There's games too! (For whatever reason, Squidward's name is Octo)

December 22, 2014



That "somewhat reason" is because of Octopus! Octo, octopus... get it?


En español, su nombre es Calamardo Tentáculos


i think in every language squidward's name is different. in german his name is Thadäus which is weird cause it is pronounced tadeh'us but in german grammar it should be tadois :D


In Portuguese, his name is Lula Molusco ("Squid Mollusk"), haha


"In german grammar it should be tadois"

Err, what? 1. That has nothing to do with grammar, 2. The spelling of the name is perfectly fine and it is pronounced correctly.


sorry not grammar, diphthongs. and in german anytime you see an eu or an äu it should be pronounced as oi


You are right, but in this special case, the syllables are separated like this: Thad-dä-us. That's why you pronouce it "ä-u", not "oi".


dank je wel!!!! :D


I'm JUST beginning, and this is great for getting some of the sounds in my ears. I just wish I could find a way to turn on Dutch subtitles so I could create the mapping from written sounds to aural sounds!


Dank je wel! Ik houd van Spongebob! :D I'm definitely gonna use this and watch some episodes.

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