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Duolingo badge problem

This badge thing is getting real annoying. For some reason it says I am not even doing a language next to my name. It has been doing this on and off forever. Why can't they just fix it?

December 22, 2014



It says that right now, lol


Yeah I noticed :/


Whoa. That's a new one.

Did you grab and then delete German from Spanish at some point by any chance? I'd thought the glitches all involved taking a language from two base languages.


Have you not gained any XP in German since? Or have you started and deleted the course multiple times? I killed my Spanish flag by doing that with the PT>ES course, but the glitchy flag has been accumulating levels normally again ever since. It just doesn't recognize any XP I got before I deleted the PT>ES.


I have gained XP since and I think I've only deleted it twice.


Are you learning German from English or Spanish?

If you are learning it from Spanish but you are logged in as an English speaker you will not see your German course/level.

You would need to log in as a Spanish speaker to see that detail.

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