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Searching for "lingot" or "lingots" returns no results

Trying to find discussions of what to do with lingots (and wondering if there have been changes in how/when lingots are awarded). Searching provided no results (0) . . . even though there are several discussions about lingots . . .

Bug? or some intentional exclusion from search? seems odd

Also wondering why when I choose a topic for this post, my only choices are "Duolingo in English" or "Italian from English" . . . when this probably belongs in "Troubleshooting"

(Update: if I post the topic and then go back to edit it, I can now change it to "Troubleshooting" . . . but having to do that would seem to be a bug.)

December 22, 2014



How to get lingots A: People giving them to you B: Your immersion articles getting upvoted C: Keeping a streak D: Completing a lesson E: Leveling up

Just go to the lingot store and buy stiff

You can only post articles in a topic you subscribed in


I know how to get them, need more ways to use them. How do I "subscribe" to Troubleshooting?

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