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"Tijdens de Tien Jaren won de leider veldslag na veldslag."

Translation:During the Ten Years, the leader won battle after battle.

December 22, 2014


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So I tried Ten Years' War and Ten Year War and both were marked wrong, just calling it Ten Years (and capitalized) seems wrong in English. In English history there is the Hundred Years' War and I have never heard it called "Hundred Years" without "War".


The Tien Jaren is the name of a period in the Tachtigjarige Oorlog, during which things went exceptionally well for Prince Maurits. See https://nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tien_jaren_(Tachtigjarige_Oorlog) . It was not a separate war.


What's the difference between "slag" and "veldslag"?


Slag is more general, and although it is clear that it means veldslag ('battle on a field') when used capitalized and with a place name as in 'Slag bij Nieuwpoort', it can just mean 'beat', 'slap', 'strike', 'swing' or 'hit' depending on the context.

Some other compound words with the 'slag' element: donderslag, paukenslag, blikseminslag, zeeslag, slagwerk. (thunderclap, hit/strike on kettle drum, lightning strike, sea battle, percussion instruments)


I have the same problem . None of my spoken numbers is accepted.


What's going on with progeam: it just doesn't accept any of numbers pronunciation no matter how many times I repeat and listen again and again. It is for sure something wrong, itjust doesn't work.

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