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Coach doesn't differentiate languages

I'm using the coach functionatily of Duolingo to help keep myself motivated and is mostly working. The problem I have is that the amount of XP I set to train each day is not differentiated between languages, eg. if I set 20 XP daily it doesn't care where the XP came from, if I make 10 out of French and 10 out of German it counts as I reached my goal. Also the graph of daily XP is united for all lenaguages. Now, I have the feeling that it used to be different and it changed when the UI changed a few weeks back. If I remember correctly, the XP used to be counted individually by language. Is this the intended behavior or is this a malfuntion? Thanks a lot

December 22, 2014

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On the web version, it's a global streak. XPs can be differentiated by the course, though. So say you earn 10 XPs in French and 20 XPs in German, your Coach will show 30 XPs earned for the day. But French total XPs will increment by 10 XPs while German will increment by 20 XPs.

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