"An apple"

Translation:Ett äpple

December 22, 2014

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Super-svensk did a really good explanation of ett and en. I screen shot it so I'd remember(try and remember). I wondered if there were any good learning sites like the ones kids use to help me with plurals? I can think of several in english that my children use for spellings/words. I was thinking a swedish one might help me a little. Anyone have any ideas?


If you're looking to learn plurals, there is a lesson in this tree. :)


In German, the dots over a letter are called umlauts. Do the Swedes have a similar term?


An apple a day... ☺


How do you distinguish the pronunciation of "a" and "ä"?


They are two different vowel sounds - ä is a different letter, rather than an accented a. This applies to å and ö as well.

To hear the difference you could go to Google translate, set the input language to Swedish, type "ä, a, ä, a, ä, a" and click the little speaker icon. Also try "äpple" as compared to "apple". Google's synthesised Swedish voice is nowhere near as good as the English one, but for just hearing the vowel sounds it's good enough.


Long "a" is like "o" or "aw" in English "on", "Tom", "awning" Short "a" is like the u in English "cup", "mutt", "understand" Å doesn't match to any English sound. But something like oo in "floor".


On a question like this, i would put both en and ett as possible choices. Make us think.


Easy, much easier than what i heard from Swedish people :)


Is en feminine And Is Ett masculine?


No, Swedish had three genders once like German, but the masculine and feminine genders merged into a common gender which is "en". "Ett" is the neuter gender.


What is the difference between en and ett?


Wow you are doing great

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