"What a career!"

Translation:Vilken karriär!

December 22, 2014

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Is the constructiin "vad för en karriär" possible? (analogous to german "Was für eine Karriere!"


In exclamations we normally use vilken.
The construction vad för karriär is used a lot, but it's a question, to specify what career we're talking about. There usually won't be an article in it, although there is at least one set expression Vad är du för en? (≈ 'Who are you?') where it's used.


Thank you very much -- I guess I will have to remember it as "Welch eine Karriere" (also a turn available in German). Alltogether, all of those seem to have direct analogues in German:

"Was für Karriere?" -- "what career?"

"Was bist Du [/denn] für einer?" -- colloquially something like "Jeez, what kind of [person/idiot] are you?"

(somewhat to the point of "what kind of institution did they let you out of?")


Good to know, in Swedish Vad är du för en? is pretty neutral, it does sound a bit colloquial, but it definitely doesn't have to be negative, you have to add the word idiot to make it clear that's what you mean. ^_^


I may be a bit delayed naybe, by now, you have already managed to remember this formulation, but as I see that you also learn Spanish, you could also derive this formulation for this language. In Spanish, you would most likely say »¡Qué carrera (profesional)!« So, it may be idiomatic for these two at least. Whether it would also work for French, I am not sure, but it most likely is the case here as well. »Que carrière !« or so, I am not sure about the word's gender in French.


why do we use "vilken" (which) instead of "var" (what)? I must have missed that. thank you - tack!


Why not "Vilken en karriär?"


I'm not sure if I have any good answer other than that you don't use indefinite articles after "vilken" or "vilket". The difference between "What career?" and "What a career!". Is just in that the first is a question.

"Vilken karriär?" - "What career?"

"Vilken karriär!" - "What a career!"


Fair enough. Are you aware of any others aside from "vilken/villket?"


No, none of the other question words can be used in statements like that.

Also mostly the sentences are longer which makes it easier to determine if it is a question or a statement without having to observe the change in intonation.

"Vilken fin bil du har." - "What a nice car you have."

"Vilken bil är finast?" - "Which car is the nicest?"

"Vilken karriär hon har gjort!" - "What a career she has made." (I'm not sure if you would say so in English the essence in the statement is that she made a really good career.)

"Vilken karriär har hon valt?" - "What career has she chosen?"


Why is it in the first and third sentence you had, the verb isn't the second element? Wouldn't they be "Vilken fin bil har du." and "Vilken karriär har hon gjort!" ?


I wrote a longer text about word order where there's a section about this construction under #5: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470


Is it not because it falls into the rule of being a profession?


No, that one only applies when we say that someone is something.


Vilket yrke not okay?


Yrke means profession. Slightly different meaning I think.


I agree, and career suits better, but vilket yrke works, right? It's really more of a synonym which are sometimes allowed.


A native would have to answer for the nuances of Swedish but I would never say it in English.


Honestly, I would say it in English. I won't linger on it though.


Real life usage can sometimes be blurry, but the words do mean different things in English and their English meanings correspond closely to those of their Swedish counterparts, so it's not helpful to treat them as synonyms in a language course. Here's a link to one site that tries to explain the difference:


Ok well I guess it will be up to the devs. I can't argue as I only speak one of the many dialects of English. :)


in a similar manner, can we say (vilken kvinna!), (vilken dag!) ?


The dictionary confused me i knew a career as what you hope to be in the future ; am i wrong: anyone help me


In Swedish, and I think English as well, it means something like "progress in (level of) employment", and can be used in past, present and future.


I thought vilken meant which?


And yes it does, you didn't misunderstand that. To speak a little German may help to understand why this word was used the way it was used. You could translate it to “Welch' eine Karriere!”, or in English, to “What a career!”. In Spanish, which I see you are learning as well, it would be translated to “Qué carera!” (probably misspelled) All those words mean the same (though not literally, but figuratively) when they are used as... As... I don't know how to call it. But they are used in an exclamatory sense, and expectedly, they cannot be translated literally, but all those three have got in common to adjust the meaning of the word to heighten their voice in awe.


How to know if I should use "yrke" "karriär" "jobb" etc?


I put the word "yrke" into the sentence and it wasn't correct. So, is "karriar" a career, and "yrke" a profession, then? Guess I shouldn't complain, though, as we have two different words in English as well .... although they are interchangeable. Is that not the case in Swedish?

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