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  5. "We answer our own questions."

"We answer our own questions."

Translation:Vi svarar på våra egna frågor.

December 22, 2014



Why does på need to be said here?


The verb "svara" is a little bit like "reply" in English. (That is actually another possible translation.) In English you reply to something (but you wouldn't reply to a question), and that is how "svara på" is used as well.

"Hon svarar på hans brev." - "She replies to his letters"

You could also use the specific verb "besvara" as in "Vi besvarar våra egna frågor."


This is a great explanation; thanks. You definitely could "reply to a question" in English usage, so that's a great way to remember this.


I think you mean "In English you reply TO a question, but you wouldn't reply a question."


So in the context if this sentence, svarar på is more similar to replies to than answer?


I think you mean "(but you wouldn't answer to a question)" ?


With the exception that I wrote 'vi besvarar våra egna frågor' and it wasn't correct :( Reported


When you take a test, you answer a question; you don't reply to the test. In this context, at least, the words are not interchangeable (like Gramphos said). When you respond to a person asking a question, you also usually say you "answer". If you respond to them when they are not asking a question, then it is usually called a reply. Also, you could say you replied with an answer, but I don't think you can answer with a reply :) That'd be another example of them not being interchangeable.


You CAN reply to a question in English, though.


why not :
vi svarar sina fragor ?


"sin/sitt/sina" works only for third-person subjects to mean "his own", "her own", "its own", or "their own", not "our own". And the verb needs to be 'svarar på" or "besvarar".


Oh, that's right. Tusen tack

[deactivated user]

    Is "Hon svara på sin frågar" a correct swedish sentence then?


    How do we know when to use "på" in relation to answering questions as opposed to replying to someone? Until now to "answer a question" was translated as "svarar en fråga". Is answering your own questions differs from answering someone else's question?


    I would strongly reccomend Greek for Swedish. Same Grammar, Huge vocabulary from Greek.


    What is pa doing here...? If we take it out then is it incorrect? pls explain


    Well, why do we use the word "to" in the sentence "We reply to our own questions" ? The preposition just wants to be there :p Actually though, "svarar" is used to mean "reply". However "svarar på" is usually used to mean "answer". The distinction is that you would normally reply to a letter, but you would normally answer a question. https://en.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=svara_p%C3%A5

    [deactivated user]

      I typed svara as answer, and it marked me wrong and told me the right word was Besvarar, then when i looked at the comments, it told me the right word was svarar! Any way to tell when to use which words?


      You can see at the top of this comment page that svarar på is the default translation. It only recommended a secondary translation of besvarar in response to your incorrect answer svara because it had more letters that matched.

      [deactivated user]


        How can we say "We answer our own question"?


        Vi svarar på vår egen fråga.

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