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Bug. Animals lvl 4 (French). Translate "a mouse"

on my iPad, I was shown three pictures of a mouse with the choice of "l'","le" and "la". I chose "la" and typed "souris" and got a WRONG. Correct solution: une souris

Obviously, I couldn't choose une.

Did I miss something?

December 22, 2014



Hi mikepepp, thank you for reporting this, our team is looking into it!


We've now fixed this issue. Thanks again for letting us know!


It doesn't appear that you missed anything. Try reporting this to a staff/mod to see if they have heard of anything like this.

I have had a similar problem when you tap the words to "form" the sentence. The only way the sentence would've worked was if I used a word that wasn't one of the words I could pick from.

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