"Are you on the bus?"

Translation:An bhfuil tú ar an mbus?

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Can bhus and mbus both be used here?

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Yes! The use of eclipsis and lenition depends on the dialect, but eclipsis is used in the standard.

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The an mbus is dative and an bhus accusative, isn’t it?

Also: is it a typical way to say that in Irish, or would that mean that you are really on the top of the bus? Would sa bhus/sa mbus be less/more/equally natural thing to say?

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an bhus is dative in Ulster Irish. The accusative is always the same form as the nominative, and follows the same rules for lenition/eclipsis, so the accusative is an bus - chaill mé an bus.

De Bhaldraithe includes a number of examples of ar in his entry for "bus", and even translates an English phrase "in a bus" to ar ... bhus.

bus2, v.i. F: Téim ar bhus. ("go by bus" might be the closest English equivalent)
"A twopenny ride on the bus" - aistear dhá phingin ar an mbus
"I don't suppose I have been in a bus for twenty years" - ní dóigh liom go rabhas ar aon bhus le fiche bliain.

The NEID also prefers ar an mbus.

5 months ago
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