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  5. "Daar is mijn schoonheid."

"Daar is mijn schoonheid."

Translation:There is my beauty.

December 22, 2014



In which case could this sentence be used? I can imagine a few of them:

  • An artist, proudly pointing at his newly finished sculpture: “And there is my beauty!"

  • “Give me one reason to marry you.” “Well, there is my beauty…”

  • A slim and muscular man, realising his local supermarket has started selling his favourite flavour of chocolate again, breathing heavy: “Heck, there goes my beauty.”

Are any of those close in meaning to the Dutch sentence? If not, how would you translate them? Thanks in advance! :)


daar is mijn schoonheid generally refers to your girlfriend/boyfriend


Ooooh so that was it! Thank you so much! :)


I think the first example is OK but the second one sounds suspicious to me. As a matter of fact daar ismeans means there as in that place: the lighter there as in there is is er is.


A lingot for your creativity


Does this literally translate as "there is my cleanness"?!


Actually it doesn't. Schoon also means nice, beautiful, this meaning is mostly replaced by clean in standard Dutch. However the meaning beautiful still common in Belgium and different dialects, e.g. this famous dialect song (Hee schon wijveken ge wit da'k a gere zie = Hee schoon wijfje je weet dat ik je gaarne zie = Hey beautiful woman, you know that I like to see you). BTW the German cognate schön means beautiful as well.


Thanks! I'm always interested to hear about the history of words!


in Hamlet you will find the word "sheen" (meaning shining or brightness, etc.) - it's from the same origin


Could I use the word prettiness for schoonhed?


Nope, schoonheid is something you call someone. It's like saying "she is a really prettiness" as opposed to "she is a real beauty".


Yes, I also though of it after. This whole "Abstract words" is just melting my brain haha.


Trust me I know. School started up again for me yesterday, so I'm now thinking in Dutch, English and Swedish at the same time. Sometimes I just completely lose a word in Dutch, but know them in both English and Swedish. Talk about melting brains...-_-


what about :My beauty is there? I thought subject and object are interchangeable

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