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  5. "They run because we run."

"They run because we run."

Translation:Ritheann siad mar rithimid.

December 22, 2014



Does this or does this not sound vaguely threatening to anyone else


I would stick an "a" in there: Mar a rithimid


I don't think I'd do that. 'Mar a' sounds good together, but usually means 'how' or 'the way' rather than 'because.'


You'd be wrong.

"They run the way we run" - Ritheann siad mar a rithimid


How do I learn when to use iad versus siad for they? People mention tips for some things, but I don't see how to get to them via the android app.


iad = them siad = they Like in English one is object (me, him, her, us, them, whom) and the other is subject (I, he, she, we, they, who).


I have the android app and the tips come up after you keep making the same mistake.


From what I have read you can only get the tips when on PC but it doesn't tell you when to use each one anyway.


How do I know when to use the second word? With the sentences using I (I run, I drink etc). it didn't seem to need that second word but these do. This is why I can't understand these.


You mean siad? One or two (mé and possibly muid, depending on dialect) of the verb forms are 'synthetic,' i.e. the subject pronoun is smooshed together with the verb. In the present tense, you have to smoosh when you say I go, I run, etc.--the -m on the end is what's left of mé (I) after smooshing). Most people smoosh with muid (we) and get rithimid--you can see that the -mid is what's left of muid.

So rithim means I run, and rithimid means we run. If you put mé or muid on those forms, you'd be saying I I run or We we run. All of the other verb forms are ritheann and just mean run, so you need to add a subject pronoun.

Check out all the forms of rith here: http://www.teanglann.ie/en/gram/rith


Why "siad" is needed ? What's the difference with "Ritheann mar rithimid." ?


'Siad' specifies who is running. (They)


Is there a difference in emphasis between 'rithimid' and 'ritheann muid' or are they completely interchangeable? I am thinking of the distinction between 'corremos' and 'nosotros corremos' in Spanish where the inclusion of the pronoun can be used to emphasize that it is we who are running.


They're not completely interchangeable. It depends on the dialect. If you want to speak Connacht or Ulster, you'll consistently use ritheann muid. If you want to speak Munster, you'll use rithimid.

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