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  5. "Is he touching her?"

"Is he touching her?"

Translation:Rører han hende?

December 22, 2014



The people is funnier than Duolingo itself, haha.


The people are* funnier than Duolingo itself, haha. Haha.


Can someone tell me how to pronounce rører easily.. its irritating me how i fail to understand what she says.


I wrote "Rører han på hende?" and I don't know why. It was wrong. Is there a case where "rører på" is correct?


In http://ordnet.dk/ddo for røre (2) vb., there is a fixed expression røre på sig which means to make a motion or to move (a little) -- if I translated it right. But I don't see any other reference to rører på. Maybe you were thinking of rører ved?


and when is that expression used?


My understanding from what I've seen in duolingo is that you can use either at røre or at røre ved for the transitive verb "to touch." But I imagine there's more subtlety than that. Maybe a native speaker will jump in.


You are right about that. "Røre" and "røre ved" is interchangeable when translating "to touch", but "at røre" can change meaning depending on proposition or pronouns. "At røre sig" translates roughly to "to make motion" or "to move". "At røre på" translates to "to touch sexually". "At røre (rundt) i" translates to "to stir". "At røre" translates to "to touch both physically and emotionally". "At røre ved" translates to "to touch physically".


People can mean a nation


So I wrote "Rører han er hende" but was wrong and corrected to Rører han ved hende", what is the difference between using er and ved?


Having the er there does not make any sense. There are two correct answers, either rører han hende eller rører han ved hende.

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