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  5. "Domaren är en kvinna."

"Domaren är en kvinna."

Translation:The judge is a woman.

December 22, 2014



The dom here is akin to the English doom, which has the basic sense of "judgment" (e.g. compare judgment day and doomsday). The -are refers to one who does something regularly.


It's also akin to deem, another word for judge (as in: "I deem it unlikely"). Judges on the Isle of Man -- where the parliament is known as Tynwald (from the Old Norse Thingvollr, "assembly field") -- are officially called deemsters.


Damn Swedish, didn't know you could be so cruel


This sentence was a bit tricky for me because in Croatian (my mother tounge) "domar" means "janitor". False friend word indeed


As in someone who tends to the dom, i.e. house?


"le juge est une femme" is a French TV series


Would domaren be used to refer to both a courthouse judge and a football referee?


Yes, they are both domare.


Och hennes namn är Judy


Domaren --- I keep hearing "they are reindeer"


domaren looks/sounds like domoren in dutch. Which means silly/dumb person (usually jokingly said to a child, so not completely interchangeable with idiot)

A fun way to remember it, since this so far is one of the few words (also läkaren) I don't recognise as a similar word in the languages I know.

(ps before pressing post, I looked up the etymology, I see now that doom is related, dom means doom or judgement. Guess I have found another way to remember it :) )

(pps apparently for spanish and italian people it shóuld be a recognisable word)


Why should it be recognisable for Spanish or Italian people? I don't get it. P. S. I am a Spaniard.


would a female judge not be a domarske?


My question doesn't pertain to this particular sentence...i am wondering why i havent been offered the pronunciation exercise lately


Check your profile settings, there's an option to turn on/off speaking and listening

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