"I work during the period from September to April."

Translation:Jag arbetar under perioden från september till april.

December 22, 2014

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why is från used here and not in the other similar exercise, where using från actually marks the answer as wrong?


What exercise was that?


"During the period January to March" Correct solution: Under perioden januari till mars

Found in Dates and Time 7


the english does not ask you use from


Same question here


Perhaps I missed this somewhere, but a general question about time and grammar. Are the days and months supposed to be capitalized? For example, you are supposed to write "Tuesday" instead of "tuesday" in english.


They are not capitalized in Swedish from what I've read, except at the start of a sentence of course.


That is correct.


Yes, in English days and months are capitalized.


Why is jobbar incorrect?


Jag jobbar under perioden från september till april. is an accepted answer. What did you write exactly?


The correct translation into English should be "I work from September to April." the words "during" and "period", in this particular sentence, would be odd in English. It simply is not a proper English sentence.


It is a proper English sentence, just not a common one. The question is trying to get us to use the word "perioden" in the context of months. Omitting that from the English sentence would not be helpful.


It's still really bad English. If anything it should be "I work in the period of September to April". Sorry but the English pronouns are completely wrong!


Or you would say 'I work from September to April'. I totally understand that I am not going to learn how to construct sentences in other languages without sentences like these, but I am not sure how it helps to when the sentence isn't one that you would use in your native language? Is this an expression in Swedish that is common usage too?

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