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  5. "The boy is calculating."

"The boy is calculating."

Translation:Drengen regner.

December 22, 2014



Why not Drengen regner ud ?

The first sentence was Vi regner det ud and wrong without ud. Now it's wrong with ! It makes no sense !


I don't know why it's like that, it's the same concept as in german though. As I got it (as a native german speaker), at regne ud goes with a subject, like 'jeg regner noget ud', I am calculating something. But if there is no subject, if you are just calculating in general, you regner. I hope that helped a bit?


Yes, you helped. I just would like a Dane to validate (no offense).

Thank you very much.


Why is "beregner" not accepted?


'Beregner' needs an object, at the least.

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