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Audio Recording of Articles

It would be nice to be able to listen to articles read by a native speaker to develop our listening skills. For example, when translating an article from Spanish to English there would be an associated Spanish audio uploaded by duolingo user whose native language was Spanish. Likewise, as a English native speaker I could upload audio for English articles that English learners could benefit from.

July 18, 2013


[deactivated user]

    That would be cool and interesting to listen to an article. Perhaps they could also do classic stories in Spanish or short songs/lullabies in Spanish. This would very much help my listening skills! :)


    a little googling will show a lot of free spanish audio online. books, videos, music, language sites.


    I can imagine the confusion and arguing that would go on over accents. Do we want Mexican Spanish, or Argentine, or one of Spain's versions? UK, Aussie, or US English? ;)


    that is true but I would like to be able to understand all kinds of accents, might not be possible but still


    That's the beauty of it. You would get to learn all the different accents or choose to listen to a specific accent


    Having had the experience of dealing with Mexican, European Spanish, and Argentine accents, I think 'that is the confusion of it.'


    Seems like a good idea. The nationality of the speaker could be revealed to the listeners.

    There are some really good Spanish-English blogs with audio available, you might want to check these out: http://ssl4you.blogspot.fi/ (some minor mistakes in the English translations, but the topics are interesting) http://www.thespanishblog.com/spanish-courses/spanish-english-parallel-texts-city-guides/

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