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  5. "Codlaím."


Translation:I sleep.

December 22, 2014



I wonder why the "d" is not pronounced at all. I am not aware of a rule that says it is not pronounced in that location. I doublechecked at focloir, it is the same in all three dialects.


There are a few examples of silent consonant combinations; this combination, dll, occurs with e.g. codlaím, codladh, and Fódla. (The pre-reform spelling of Nollaig was Nodlaig ; it had the same pronunciation that it does now.)


Is "laím" supposed to sound like "liam"?


Laím should sound more like “leam” (one syllable) than “Liam”.


It's quite difficult to see what you mean when your using English spellings which aren't phonetic. Why would you spell it with an 'a' if it's one syllable?


English is not known for its phonetic spellings. I’d offered “leam” as a contrast to “Liam” to show that it would rhyme with “beam”, “ream”, and “team”.


Duo no longer says "be careful of accents". It says I'm correct is I say "Códlaim". It's ridiculous. I get marked correct quite regularly now and I know I'm wrong, so the only way to really kniw is to check the sentence in comments. How does that help me learn the correct way to spell Irish?


i dropped a bit somewhere and am now wondering about the difference between "codlaím" and "Táim i mo chodladh.". can someone refresh my memory on the difference? thanks!


Táim i mo chodladh is, from what I understand, a stative structure, that is it's a structure that implies no motion and the thing is happening right now, so "I am sleeping", whereas Codlaím is general present, so "I (generally) sleep".


ah! thank you!

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