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"The bear's breakfast is a fish."

Translation:Bjørnens morgenmad er en fisk.

December 22, 2014



Finally, a normal sentence in this lesson.


Could it be also "Bjørnens morgenmadEN er en fisk?"


No. Morgenmaden translates to "the breakfast". In that case you would be saying "the bear's the breakfast is a fish"


okay, thanks! then, it would sound awkward. :D


so do you not use the definite form after the genitive or what? In english you need an article for the sentence to be gramatically correct


The article is there. Bjørnens means "the bear's"


Yeah sorry I got mixed up and my question wasn't clearly expressed. I keep reasoning on Italian terms (my native language) where you only have a prepositional genitive (as in the english the food of the region) so I wondered why the possessed item wasn't definite.In Italian you can/must distinguish between for example

  • The wife of the sheik. (La moglie dello sceicco)

  • The wife of one sheik. (La moglie di uno sceicco)

  • A wife of the sheik. (Una moglie dello sceicco)

  • A wife of one sheik. (Una moglie di uno sceicco)

Whereas with the so-called genitive saxon in English you have only two choices

  • The sheik's wife (it's definitely that one sheik but is it one or the wife? Usually this is understood as the wife, right?)


  • A sheik's wife (this is usually understood, if I'm not mistaken, as either most usually one wife of one sheik or possibly as one wife of THE sheik)

So my question is:

Are the four nuances there in Danish (it wouldn't be hard with the definite suffixes) or is it like the English genitive saxon?

P.S.: I realise one could say

  • The sheik's one wife

but then it would mean the sheik only has one wife in all, whereas

  • one wife of the sheik

means the opposite. So this doesn't change the problem (especially as one could say

  • the one wife of the/a sheik

so this nuance exists in both systems. Then again if you know whether this other nuance exists in Danish I'd love to hear it). Hope you have the time to answer me but I'll make a thread out of this so in case answer me there [ https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6086814 ]


The definite here is indicated by the possessive (in the same way in English you don't say "my the wife" (nor in Danish is it "min konen") for "my wife"

In English, to indicate there is just one wife but the sheik has many, one would say "One of the sheik's wives" (or "one/a wife of the sheik"). This would be similar in Danish, using "En af Sheikens koner". Danish doesn't have the prepositional genitive like in Italian or English, and works like the English genitive "'s".


I get it now. Thank you so much for your time and your clear explanations :)


Bruges "morgenmaden til fisken" eller lignende konstruktion på dansk?


Måske, men jeg har ikke lytter det overalt :/


I bet the bear's lunch, tea, dinner and supper are also a fish.


Are you sure it was only ONE?

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