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My "Timed Practice Potty Mouth" - Do You Have One, Too? (Suggested change)

So you're doing Timed Practice and the clock is running down, turned red and now ticking audibly. You start your next question and you see the phrase and you know it! You begin frantically typing the answer hoping to get it in before the clock hits zero...and right as you are typing the last few words, it freezes you out of the entry field. Argggghhhhh!!!!

You feel crushed and frustrated and like you lost instead of like you won. You don't care how many points and right answers you did, you care that you denied the chance to get that last answer in.

So the thought occurred to me yesterday, why does it have to be this way?

Why can't it be that when the clock runs out, it allows you to finish what you are typing and have the satisfaction of completion?

It does not even have to reward that final point. I just want to enter it and get graded to have confirmation I knew it or not.

I'm also not suggesting it should let you continue if you get it right since your clock did run out...

ALL I'm saying is what would be so terrible about it letting you finish the last question you are on when the clock runs out and get graded?

(For those who don't know, timed Practice is great in that you get a point for every answer, instead of for every two answers as with a normal strengthening. Well worth the purchase)

Thanks for considering and commenting.


December 22, 2014



I agree that it can be very frustrating at the end of the session, especially if your browser freezes up but the clock still ticks down. I've used a few choice phrases myself. I would at least like to see the correct response. On another note, have you noticed that occasionally the clock counter will start with some incredibly large amount of time, effectively negating the function of timed practice? I can't tell if this is a glitch with the website or my browser (Safari).


Thanks for commiserating.

I have not seen abnormal starting times, but sometimes the countdown does freeze when there is a connectivity issue.

BTW, is this the right place to put a suggestion like this?


I think so; it seems to be a problem with the timer Duolingo is using. It may not be meshing as well as it could with the web page.

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