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  5. "Ducks eat fish."

"Ducks eat fish."

Translation:Ankor äter fisk.

December 22, 2014



I had thought fisk was an -en word, meaning the plural would be "fiskar", correct? Or can fisk be both -en and -ett, like kaffe, öl, etc...


Correct. The plural of fisk is fiskar. However in this case it is that you actually say that they eat a group of food, in which case the singular could be used. Compare with the following:

"I'm a vegetarian, but I eat chicken." - "Jag är vegetarian men äter kyckling."


why is this in the "time" course?


It's really in 'Plurals', but there's a bug (or possibly A/B test) at the moment which causes sentences to show up in later skills sometimes.


I am getting it wrong because Duolingo is saying that Ducks should be translated as Anter, instead of Ankor. This must be corrected


Where is the sound ?

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