"He signs the paper."

Translation:Han skriver under papperet.

December 22, 2014

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The answer says "Han skriver på papperet", but isn't that "He writes on the paper" and not "signs the paper", which should be " skriver under"?


There is a particle verb skriver på where is stressed, which means signs. If the particle is not stressed, it means writes on, so you can't tell in writing (and our TTS is not to be trusted with the stress).


Wait so skriver på means write on with no stress, sign when stress is on , and skriver under means the same thing as skriver på (when pa is stressed)?


Welcome to the wonderful world of Swedish particle verbs :)
What you said is correct, also skriver under with no stress also means 'writes below' or 'writes under'


I read it many times, so I ask.

What does "stress" mean in this case? It is like an accent where you put emphasis in determinate word ?


That would be it. The stressed syllables in a word or phrase are those where your voice lands more heavily. In the English phrase 'Give him the book' we might stress 'him' if we wanted to indicate one person rather than another, 'book' if we wanted to indicate which of a number of articles should be given, or even 'give' if we were very frustrated because someone kept refusing to perform the action.


Does stress aligned with audio in this course?


Afraid not. The present TTS cannot deal with that, it seems to treat everything like prepositions.


If skriver på means signs... What skriver under means? I thought it meant signs..


Yes, they're synonymous.


Then why is it not accepted (and somewhere else in a similar sentence only undertecknar is accepted) extremely confusing


Both Han skriver på papperet. and Han skriver under papperet. are accepted answers here, what did you put exactly?


I don't know, I only feel like I've tried a few different options... err... Maybe I wrote 'Han underskriver papperet' and that was corrected as 'skriver pa', which confused me, because it didn't tell me 'under' should have been somewhere else, only that it was wrong... mystery solved?

Is undertecknar(/tecknar under) correct? For I do remember it from another sentence... Don't know if it's accepted here (and which one it is)

Thanx by the way!


I've added a few new error messages now. The interesting thing about undertecknar and skriver under is that they work in opposite ways! You can't take undertecknar apart, and you can't put skriver under together either. Although the noun is en underskrift. There are other verbs that can be used both ways, so which verbs can be used only split, only together or both ways is probably something you have to learn for each verb.


What`s the difference between "papperet" and "pappret"?


None really. I'd write pappret but both are ok.


The last time I wrote "pappret" Duolingo corrected me and said that it should be "papperet". But is both correct?


I think it's the same word. It's pronounced "pappret", but spelled "papperet".

I could be wrong though...


Duo taught skriver under as sign, and now asks us to know that skriver pa is also sign (with the right stress)? How were we supposed to know this? This exercise did not provide under as a word that could be chosen, so I couldn't see any way to make this correct, given what had been taught so far.


They do throw us curve balls now and then!


No no. That's not what you taught me.


please someone explain to me why "Han signerar papperet" would not be an acceptable translation for "He signs the paper"? are there some nuances in meaning to "signera" verb that i'm missing in the folkets lexikon's article?


Yes, signera is used when for instance an author signs a book or a painter signs a painting.


Can signerar also be correct here


So the Danish underskrive does not exist in Swedish ?


This question is asked twice in this lesson.The first time from Swedish to English and was: Han skriver under pappret and he singns the paper was the correct answer. This is the second time in reverse so I used the skriver under like for the previous time and OH surprise it is wrong! what gives? With pappret was the same story. Please do not blame the software. I have no problem to have two ways to same thing but then Duo should accept either.


"Han tecknar under papperet" är samma som "Han skriver under papperet" (Svensk handordbok, Konstruktioner och fraseologi) och bör därför också godkännas.


What's på doing there


"Att skriva på" is the same that "att skriva under".


It would be nice if "skriver på" was included in the hints for "sign" it only shows "skriver under" and "signaler."

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