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  5. "Har hon femtio klänningar?"

"Har hon femtio klänningar?"

Translation:Does she have fifty dresses?

December 22, 2014



I like how your language is quite similar to the Danish language, but your number system is totally different. In Danish, "50" is something like "3 * 20 - 0.5 * 20". That's cool too, but your system might be a little bit more efficient.


Tongan numbers are the best ;p


And I just found out "sixty" in Danish is "tres". In Portuguese we have "três" that means "three". Mind blown


femtio nyanser av grå


Is the "o" in "femtio" not pronounced?


It may or may not be pronounced. Mostly it is left out, unless you try to be extra clear.


The same applies to all tens from thirty and up. (tretti(o), fyrti(o), femti(o), sexti(o), sjutti(o), åtti(o) and nitti(o).)


And ”fyrtio” is pronounced as if it were spelt ”förti”.


Hah! I translated this as a very incredulous: "She has fifty dresses?!" :) How would I go about saying something like that in Swedish?


I did the same - I think it should be accepted.


It's possible to create sentences like that colloquially in Swedish too, with the right intonation. Hon har femtio klänningar?? Add at the front for extra clarity, or an alltså after har in this case. This kind of translation will only be accepted in the course if the Swedish sentence has the same structure.


Thanks! Is there a page on Duolingo (or elsewhere) that describes what my intonation should sound like when asking questions? Do you still raise your tone at the end of a question or does that not work because Swedish has sing-songy tones already?


I don't know of any, but there are some great videos by Blehg about pronunciation in general, there's a list here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6502614


Jag vet inte om det ar bara en finlandsvensk grej att sajer, Men min mamma (hon ar finlandsvensk och talar svenska mycket bra) sajer tio, tjugo tretty forty femty sexty (ect.). Ar den dar inte vad du sajer som vanlig? Ocksa jag vet att min svenska ar inte perfekt.

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