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  5. "I should do my homework."

"I should do my homework."

Translation:Jeg burde lave lektier.

December 22, 2014



why isn't it min lektier


Pretty sure mine lektier is accepted -- lektier is plural. See http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=lektier . I'm not a native speaker, so I'm not sure exactly why mine can be left off without changing meaning subtly to "I should do homework."


There's just no distiction between whether you 'do homework' or 'do your homework' in Danish. Yours is what you do by default anyway, no? :)


Sure. :-) But in English for me, if you just say "I should do homework" it's less specifically about today's homework, and more about homework in general, or perhaps about some homework that's not due for a few days. (Usually. You can say it to mean today's homework, but it still feels a little detached.) And certainly a parent would always say "Do your homework!" over "Do homework!" -- except as a general exhortation.


As a native speaker, I can endorse your point: it's simply a more accurate translation :-)


Difference between "burde" and "skulle"?


"At burde" is more about a moral obligation, like the English "ought to".
"At skulle" mostly refers to a demand from outside.


So why isn't this 'skulle'? Isn't homework a demand from outside? This distinction is giving me a lot of trouble.


Hm, let's try a different approach. I'm not sure if it works all the time, but it sounds good with the examples that I tried.

Skulle is used when there's a certain reason behind doing it, for instance because someone told you to do so: "Jeg skal lave lektier fordi min far sagde det." Or "Jeg skulle til byen" because you need to do something in the city.

Burde is used when you're doing something to achieve a certain goal. "Hvis jeg vil lære engelsk, burde jeg læse denne bog."

The difference is often small, though, and depends heavily on context. "Jeg skulle lave lektier" would be good as well if the context is that you really don't want but someone forced you to. If you do it because you don't want to get punished next lesson or want to improve your grade, you should use burde.


When is burde used instead of bør? I thought burde was past tense.


'Burde' is past tense.


And when do we use 'skulle' as it may translate to 'should'?


Why is it "lave" and not "gør"?


In Danish, homework is "made", not "done". Probably because Danes are more productive than English speakers. :)


Ha ha, that explains why I’m only 50% productive, I’m only Danish on my mother’s side


What the heck is going on? I spend 10 minutes typing out a reply - and double checking it for typos - only to see no difference in the thread :-(

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