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  5. "Do you know the cat?"

"Do you know the cat?"

Translation:Kender du katten?

December 22, 2014



I'm spanish and we have two verbs too, kender=conocer=know someone/something (referred to have met before); ved=saber=know about something/someone (referred to have knowledge)


Same in Italian


you can say, "ved du hvor katten er?" (do you know where the cats is?) but "kender du katten?", means do you know the cat?.


you're right. it makes more sense than mine.


Why is that incorrect? Did you find out since than?


try translating at vide in your head by 'know what ... is'. It's stated before and elsewhere, that the english 'know' maps to two kinds of connection. The specialist, to know one's address, or some cat, is at kende; the generalist, usually accompanied by a preposition, to know which of the cats is being talked about, or to know the size of a building, is at vide.


Katte is used when there is more than one. Katten is when there is only one.

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