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"Would you please read that sentence out loud for the class?"

Translation:Vil du ikke læse den sætning højt for klassen?

December 22, 2014



You know how english-speakers sometimes add a negative for no reason, "won't you come to the party" or, "can't you turn that stereo down". Well danes do it too from time to time. But a more precise translation would be "vil du venligst læse den sætning højt for klassen".


Thanks, I was kind of suspecting that. It's really similar in German. I'd also agree to the more literal translation of yours. Another thing: doesn't venligst actually translate more literally to friendliest? I suspect in German, it would be freundlicherweise, right? (Also a way to say "please")


"Venligst" means "please" but a literal translation would probably be "friendliest" as you guessed.

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