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  5. "As capas são minhas."

"As capas são minhas."

Translation:The capes are mine.

July 18, 2013



Capes and costumes! What kind of life is duolingo living! Let's get more practical examples please!


It seems like a pretty fun life to me. Maybe it's stuff for Carnival?


Lol for sure no one uses capes here. Actually, on carnaval nobody uses clothes here. Rlly.


In Portugal there really is no other choice, even for carnival. Brr..


Imagining this sentence being spoken by someone Mildly Embarrassed About Their Level of Gothness.


erm... yeah... the black nail varnish and white foundation is mine too.


Capes, really?


I'm seeing "cape" and "cover" as the translation for "capa" -- neither of these are words I would use. What does it refer to?


It's also a really useful phrase for example if you are a superhero and you need to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners.


Doing it in the batman voice : "As capas sao minhas!!"


capa de livro = book cover; capa de chuva = rain cover. It may also mean coat, cape, mantle, wrap, proection.


Capa and forro used to mix me up. Capa is a cover, as Paulo Henrique mentioned. Think of a protective or maybe decorative cover or cap. In my years of hearing it used fairly frequently it never meant an old fashioned or costume piece of clothing called a cape. Forro is a cover of some type also. Forro de mesa=tablecloth, yet alone can also mean a ceiling! But I don't think I've ever heard capa being used as bed covers. That would be a cobertor. (Which means that-which-covers, or coverer i think!) Still confused! A lid (which covers:) is a tampa.


why is minhas in the plural when I am one person


The possessive adjectives/pronouns agree with the noun (here "capas"), not with the speaker.


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