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  5. "We can discover more money."

"We can discover more money."

Translation:Nós podemos descobrir mais dinheiro.

July 18, 2013



what does this mean... the only possible use I can think of in English would relate to treasure hunting!?


...or a bank robbery, hehe

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We can FIND more money also works. Infuriating at times I know. I find it best to look for the most appropriate English translation.


I thought agente went with the conjunctions for nós, why is a gente podemos wrong and it's a gente pode?

[deactivated user]

    A gente means us, but it conjugates to the third person. It's like on in French, where the third person singular is used to mean us.


    ...or could be applicable in forensic accounting endeavors. :D hahaha

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