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  5. "He should be home soon."

"He should be home soon."

Translation:Ele deverá estar em casa logo.

July 18, 2013



What's the difference between deveria and deverá?


Deveria is Futuro do Pretérito (future of the past, it may seem strange, but that's how we name it), and it is used to define an action that should happen in the future, but, for some reason, will not. It may be used to indicate a hypothesis or an unreal action (so one can say it's a conditional tense).

  • Ele já deveria ter chegado (He should have gotten home, but he didn't)
  • Eu comeria a maça, se estivesse madura. (I would eat the apple, if it was ripe)

Deverá is Futuro do Indicativo (simple future), but you can use it not only to express the future, but also to express a doubt about the future or even about the present.

  • Choverá? (Will it rain?)
  • Terá cura? (Will there be a cure?)
  • Será que os vizinhos sairam de férias? (Did the neighbors went on vacation? / is it possible that the neighbors...)


Wesley: If "deverá" is the simple future, why would the above sentence "Ele deverá em casa logo" be translated as " He should be at home soon."

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