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Unit on Infintives, Lesson 10:

The sentence "Je vais essayer de passer vous voir !", is translated by Duolingo as " I will try to come and see you!". I cannot understand how the verb passer can be correlated with the rest of the sentence to come up with this. Unless, it may be a kind of French colloquialism. In fact, I have noted this in some other sentences similar to the above. Can anyone explain ?

October 31, 2012



I like the Duolingo translation offered in this case. I think there are alternatives, such as "I am going to try to see you", "I will try to get to see you",

I think the key to this problem may be the verb "passer". It is one of those verbs which have a mass of meanings. Here is a link to the Concise Oxford-Hachette and WordReference dictionaries: http://www.wordreference.com/fren/passer.

There are twenty different meaning of "passer" in the Oxford part alone, and each meaning has several translations. The context limits the possibilities, however.

I hope this helps, at least a little.


It's not so different from the English usage: "If I'm passing your way I will try to see you."


Mizotte: I have really become interested in the French language, and I enjoy working with the lessons on Duolingo; but most significantly, I want to express my gratitude for your time in answering my concerns. Perdre.


To 1km, I am relatively new with French, but your time and thoughts regarding my question about passer were most welcome and helpful. Thank you, Perdre.


@Perdre - Thank you for your feedback and taking time to thank us for contributing to your question.

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